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Easy To Use Adjustable Blanket Support


Who Can Use A Foot Cradle?
What Can The Blanket Bar Do?
Why Blanket Bar is the Best in the Market
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The Blanket Bar is an easy to use adjustable blanket support system that offers relief from the pressure of the weight of bed sheets and blankets by lifting them off of legs and feet, while at the same time eliminating discomfort and irritation. The Blanket Bar is unique because it is easy to use, light weight, adjustable and can be put together by one person.

Foot cradles are most often used in hospitals and care centers and now this blanket support is available to everyday consumers. We invented the Blanket Bar because as Registered Nurses we understand that consumers what to live in their own home and need products to support their care where they are most comfortable. Our blanket support device surpasses others on the market because of its durable and fully adjustable qualities. The Blanket Bar is available to customers inside as well as outside the United States. Simply order with us online and fill in the shipping information and you can get yours within 5-7 days.


Who Can Use A Foot Cradle?

A foot cradle is not just for the elderly or bed ridden. There are many reasons for having a blanket support or bed cradle.

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What Can The Blanket Bar Do?

Our foot cradle can hold the weight of blankets and sheets up and off of the legs and feet relieving pressure and easing discomfort. Our adjustable blanket support is easy to install & use. It only weighs 4 pounds and does not require any tools for set up. Simply slide the base between the box springs and mattress on both sides near the foot of the bed, set for your specific mattress depth, attach the horizontal bar and raise the Blanket Bar unit to your preferred setting. Pull your covers over the top and climb into bed for a restful night.  The sturdy metal construction can hold up to 20 pounds of bedding and the double horizontal bar will make sure the blankets don’t fall down on your feet while you are trying to sleep. The Blanket Bar can fit twin, full, queen and king size beds and will elevate up to a full 40 inches from the base, if needed to allow for elevation of your foot with pillows.  During the day, the Blanket Bar can be lowered to rest flat on the bed allowing you to make your bed without removing the device.   The Blanket Bar can be wiped clean with plain soap and water or an antibacterial wipe.

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Why Blanket Bar is the Best Adjustable Blanket Support in the Market

The Blanket Bar asks you where you want to sleep and holds the bedding up there!

Foot cradles, bed cradles or bed caddies have been around for years in the hospital and nursing home setting. They were created to fit onto hospital beds. Most are made of plastic or light weight metal and have a single horizontal bar that lifts the bedding straight up creating a tenting effect but then allows the bedding to fall right back down on the legs and feet. Most of these devices are applied at the very end of the bed or on the side of the mattress, dictating where you have to lay and sleep to get relief.

Our blanket support will fit all common bed sizes and has a double horizontal bar the keeps doesn’t allow the bedding to fall down while you sleep. Our bed cradle can be placed anywhere along the side or foot of the bed. It asks you where you would like to sleep and holds the bedding up there.
The Blanket Bar has the ability to elevate up to a full 40 inches high!
Other blanket lift devices available today boast that they extend up to 19 inches. Some are fixed at one height while others have some adjustable features. Most common household mattresses today are at least 12 inches thick with many reaching up to as much as 20.

The Blanket Bar extends up to a full 40 inches, if needed, and can be set to the customers preferred height.

Consumers looking for relief from the bedding may have a hard time finding a product. They search for “blanket lift”, “sheet support”, “boost blankets” “bed caddy” and even “blanket holder upper” trying to find a device that will lift and hold the bedding up and off of the feet.

The Blanket Bar has been featured on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest as well as on our own website and is currently being sold on Amazon and Ebay.

The Blanket Bar is easy to set up in minutes and requires no tools.

Our foot cradle weighs 4 pounds and comes in single box with 6 parts. You will receive two vertical risers (one for each side of the bed) attached to the bases that slide between the mattress and the box springs; two twist together parts to make the horizontal bar and two extension bars so you can use the device on a king size bed, if needed. The box includes instructions and viewers have access to our online instructions and how to assemble videos as well.

The Blanket Bar is easy to clean and sanitize.

Infection control is important when caring for a wound or someone with a compromised immune system. The Blanket Bar can be cleaned with plain soap and water or wiped down with an antibacterial wipe. It stores easily in its box when not in use.

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  • Fully adjustable in height and width

  • Fits Twin, Full, Queen, King, Bariatric and Hospital beds

  • Easy one person set up

  • No tools required!

  • Very light weight and portable

  • Provides air circulation to help keep the skin dry

  • May be used with air mattress

  • Folds up flat for traveling